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  Amazing natural landscapes

  Volcanoes and Coastal Cliffs in Hawaii

  With their volcanoes, valleys, waterfalls and towering coastal cliffs, the islands of Hawaii have some of the most spectacularly beautiful scenery on earth. No wonder Hawaii, especially the island of Kauai, is Hollywood’s favorite location for movies. Don’t forget to enjoy all these scenic splendors by taking a helicopter flight and going hiking.

  When to visit: the off-season, when the best rates are available and the islands are less crowded, is spring (April to June)and fall (September to November).

  Spectacular Mountains in Nepal

  The small country of Nepal is situated in the Himalayan Mountains at the foot of Mount Qomolangma. Eight of the 14 independent mountains on earth that are more than 8,000 meters high above sea level are located in the country, offering strikingly beautiful mountainous scenery with hiking opportunities.

  When to visit: October and November, the start of the dry season, are the best months to visit Nepal.

  Mountains and Oceans of the National Parks of Western Canada

  Deep in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you will find world-class and jaw-dropping scenery, centered around glacial lakes. Wildlife is abundant in these areas, especially in Jasper National Park, which is well-known for wildlife viewing and home to some of North America’s rarest animals including grizzlies, bisons and wolves.

  When to visit: the Canadian Rockies and Canada’s West Coast are best visited in summer. If you want to avoid the tourist crowds, travel in June or September.

  Impressive Landscapes of New Zealand

  New Zealand is a land of natural diversity. You’ll see things that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Within a day or two’s drive, you can see great mountains, subtropical forests, and miles of coastline with sandy beaches. Don’t miss Abel Tasman National Park.

  When to visit: the best time to visit New Zealand is between October and April, with high season (meaning high prices and low availability for hotels) between mid-December and the end of January.

  1.When might be the best time to visit the islands of Hawaii

  A. In January. B. In May.

  C. In July. D. In December.

  2.Where should wildlife lovers go

  A. The island of Kauai. B. Jasper National Park.

  C. The Himalayan Mountains. D. Abel Tasman National Park.

  3.What can be done in New Zealand

  A. Shooting films. B. Watching grizzlies.

  C. Touring glacial lakes. D. Exploring subtropical forests.

  Jennifer van den Broeke tried riding her son and daughter around Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, on her old bike with two child seats, but it was sometimes unsafe. That was when she decided to join the growing Dutch army of pedaling parents using so-called transport bikes.

  Now Jennifer’s 8-month-old son Jasper and 3-year-old daughter Benthe can climb into the wooden box of her new transport bike so she can ride them around town. “With the kids and the shopping bags and everything, this is just easier,”said Jennifer. “It’s a very strong bike.”

  The transport bike, called a bakfiets in Dutch, is making a comeback decades after butchers, bakers — maybe even candlestick makers, who first began using them to carry their wares (物品) around the narrow streets of this nation’s towns and cities. The bikes, with two or three wheels, have a wooden or plastic box on the front or between the front and back wheels.

  Nowadays cars and vans crowd city streets. Regular bikes have remained popular, but for parents with a couple of kids, the car was often the only option.Not anymore.

  Maarten van Andel, a 46-year-old native, started making cargo bikes last year when he was looking for a cheap way to transport his two children around Amsterdam. “It’s a timesaving device,” he said. “It’s a lot quicker to get around town with your kids in a bakfiets than in a car.”

  Henry Cutler, who runs an Amsterdam cycle store, says there are 5,000-10,000 floating around Amsterdam. He sometimes sounds like he’s selling not just bikes, but a way of life. “We are trying to promote products that change people’s perspective about living. Bikes are not fast, but does life have to be fast” he said.“Many families with small children want to try it because they believe it is a better and easier way to get around,” said Erik Oddershede, the manager of the Danish national bicycle shop organization, Danske Cykelhandlere.

  1.What do we know about the transport bike

  A. It sometimes causes safety problems on the road.

  B. It usually has a wooden or plastic box at its back.

  C. It was once common decades ago in the Netherlands.

  D. It is now widely used by Dutch butchers and bakers.

  2.What does the author mean by saying “Not anymore”

  A. Parents with two or more kids have another choice.

  B. Regular bikes have become more and more popular.

  C. Maarten Van Andel was more interested in cargo bikes.

  D. Nowadays there are fewer traffic problems in the city.

  3.Who says that people should live at an unhurried pace

  A. Henry Cutler. B. Erik Oddershede.

  C. Maarten Van Andel. D. Jennifer Van den Broeke.

  4.What is the text mainly about

  A. The traffic problems in Amsterdam.

  B. The lifestyle of people in Amsterdam.

  C. The sales of transport bikes in Amsterdam.

  D. The popularity of a bakfiets in Amsterdam.

  With so many people in the world telling us we can’t succeed, we need to hear people telling us we can.I remember my high school English teacher telling me not to apply to Cornell University because they wouldn’t accept me and even if they did I wouldn’t be able to do the work. I almost didn’t apply but a few days later I saw Ivan Foldfarb, a former teacher, in the hallway and asked him about Cornell. He said, “If you get in, then you go. You can do it.” His words made all the difference. I applied and was accepted.

  Too often we think it’s our role to inject a dose(一次剂量)of “reality” into someone’s life. We think we must point out how bad the economy is and how horrible the job market is and how the sky is falling.

  I say there are enough pessimists and “realists” in the world. The world needs more optimists, encouragers, and inspirers. The world needs more people to speak into the hearts of others and say “I believe in you.” “If you have the desire then you also have the power to make it happen.” “Even if you fail, it will lead to something even better.”

  When it comes to encouragement I know that every one of us loves working for and with people who bring out the best in us. We love being around people who uplift us and make us feel great.

  And while we’ll always remember the negative people who told us we couldn’t accomplish something, we will always cherish and hold a special place in our heart for those who encouraged us.

  Today I want to encourage you to be an encourager. Today decide to be that person who instills a positive belief in someone who for that needs to hear your encouraging words. Encourage someone who is feeling down. Fuel your team with your positive energy.

  Share encouragement. It matters and we all need it.

  1.Why did the author’s English teacher tell him not to apply to Cornell University

  A. Because the author had no talent.

  B. Because the author was a bad student.

  C. Because the teacher thought little of the author.

  D. Because the teacher didn’t want the author to attend university.

  2.What can we infer from Paragraph 3

  A. The world is lack of “reality”.

  B. The economy is becoming worse and worse.

  C. We have to face a negative world every day.

  D. We take it for granted that we should reveal “reality”.

  3.What does the underlined word “uplift” in Paragraph 5 mean

  A. to increase something.

  B. to raise something to a higher position.

  C. to give hope or encouragement to somebody.

  D. to make somebody unhappy or disappointed.

  4.What’s the best title of the passage

  A. Be an encourager. B. Always be optimistic.

  C. Failure is the mother of success. D. Get away from negative people.

  Most people like to escape the summer heat with a trip to the beach or a swim in the local pool, but here’s a better choice for you: Coudersport Ice Mine.

  The mine was a roadside attraction in Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains for many years until it was suddenly closed down for some reason. But after being closed for nearly a quarter of a century, this hidden summer getaway was once again open to the public in 20xx, reports Living on Earth.

  The mine isn’t just a great place to escape the summer heat; it’s also something of an unsolved mystery. Strangely, the cave only produces ice in the summertime, and it tends to produce more ice when the surrounding temperature gets higher. When winter falls and snow covers the hilltops, the ice in the cave melts. The cave is so mysterious that some locals even say (falsely) that the cave is man-made.

  Originally discovered in 1894, the mine was first used to store meat and for ice harvesting. By the early 1900s, however, it was changed into a tourist attraction. Inside the cave in the summer it gets cold, like walking into a fridge.

  Though the cave remains largely mysterious, there are theories. Experts say that cold winter air gets into the cave through cracks in the rocks, and due to the unusual interconnection of the cracks here, that cold air gets concentrated into the cave. The reason ice only forms in the summer is because of the seasonal humidity (湿度) increase in the surrounding atmosphere, along with an increase in groundwater, which becomes exposed to the freezing air. In the winter, warm air trapped in the rocks from the summer escapes and melts the ice.

  Part of the charm of the Coudersort Ice Mine, though, is that it keeps much of its mystery. Perhaps it’s best to simply think of it as a long-lost hole in the mountain where Old Man Winter sleeps. At any rate, it’s a great place to escape the heat of summer. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can get more information from its Facebook page.

  1.What does the history of Coudersport Ice Mine tell us

  A. It had shut down for about 35 years.

  B. It had been closed down only once.

  C. It used to be open only in the summer.

  D. It first attracted attention a century ago.

  2.What was the cave originally used for

  A. Producing heat. B. Attracting tourists.

  C. Keeping food fresh. D. Storing newly harvested crops.

  3.How does the cave work in the summer according to experts

  A. Its cracks trap a lot of water.

  B. It produces more cracks in the rocks.

  C. Its humidity increases and it gets hotter.

  D. The cold air from its cracks freezes the water.

  4.What does the author think of the mystery of Coudersport Ice Mine

  A. It should be kept secret forever.

  B. It makes the cave more attractive.

  C. It gets deeper if you are interested in it.

  D. It is related to the tale of Old Man Winter.


  Grade 3 high school students are graduating next summer. Many of them will go to university. The transition from high school to college is challenging. 1.

  Your opinions and outlook on college matter. 2. Actually your attitude about whether attending college will have a positive influence on your life is a strong predictor of academic performance.

  3.Your success in college depends, in part, on surrounding yourself with people who can support you and make you have fun. So try to take an active part in extracurricular(课外的)activities so that you can have a smoother adjustment to college.

  Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors or teaching assistants. 4. This means trying to find the answers on your own first, but then contacting those who can help you when you can’t. That is what they’re there for! Your professors and teaching assistants want to see you succeed in their classes.

  Be confident. Feeling anxiety about communicating with peers, professors and speaking up in class may be a problem for you. 5. The more you speak up in class, the easier it becomes.

  A.Hold onto high school friendships.

  B.Be open to making new friends on campus.

  C.And successful adjustment to college has lifelong effects.

  D.Successful adjustment is about reaching out for help when you need it.

  E.Family support can give you comfort and assistance when classes get hard.

  F.One of the best ways to increase your communication confidence is to practice.

  G.So try to face the uncertainty that goes along with going to college with enthusiasm.


  Invited to Kim’s graduation ceremony, my wife and I had our two kids with us there. The crowded auditorium (会堂)was filled with people ________ themselves with their speech drafts, who were in ________ of the calling of their names. Each graduate walked across the stage to receive this piece of paper that ________ his or her academic accomplishment.

  Kim looked up at us and was trying to control the tears, but in ________. She was not doing a good job of it. ________ emotions is not something that Kim does very well. There she was, ________ in line, prepared to receive her diploma. There was a good ________, but to me it was as if she had been standing in front of me. That simple act of gently rubbing the tears of ________ and looking up at those loved ones really ________ me.

  “Kimberly Anne Conway, graduating magna cum laude(以优异成绩)” was ________ over the auditorium’s sound system. She walked ________ across the huge stage and received this piece of paper, the ________ of her effort. I glanced at my wife and saw tears roll gently down as the ________ she had for her sister showed itself on her face.

  Kim is not a(n) ________ college graduate. She is 38 years old, and has made an effort, ________ for the past four years. She attended college while working full-time, and ________ to obtain the college degree. Many times she felt like ________, and she would have done so without the ________ from other students.

  Everyone in the auditorium was ________ by Kim that day. And I want Kim to know that I have the greatest________ for her.

  1.A. enjoying B. comforting C. fanning D. entertaining

  2.A. expectation B. honor C. favor D. fear

  3.A. promoted B. completed C. evaluated D. represented

  4.A. silence B. vain C. doubt D. peace

  5.A. Putting off B. Turning down C. Suffering from D. Holding back

  6.A. running B. standing C. jumping D. jogging

  7.A. excuse B. chance C. distance D. approach

  8.A. achievement B. amazement C. disappointment D. punishment

  9.A. interrupted B. convinced C. reminded D. touched

  10.A. exhibited B. determined C. announced D. predicted

  11.A. curiously B. cautiously C. anxiously D. proudly

  12.A. impression B. appreciation C. recognition D. influence

  13.A. love B. confusion C. sadness D. prediction

  14.A. enthusiastic B. average C. creative D. positive

  15.A. especially B. specially C. eventually D. initially

  16.A. happened B. continued C. failed D. struggled

  17.A. explaining B. quitting C. complaining D. apologizing

  18.A. ignorance B. chance C. encouragement D. agreement

  19.A. inspired B. instructed C. comforted D. acknowledged

  20.A. patience B. respect C. responsibility D. tolerance


  阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1 个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

  When Kate’s car ran out of gas on a highway one night six weeks ago, she got into 1. panic. “I thought I could make it all the way home, but 2. (apparent) I was wrong,” Kate recalled. “I drove to the side of the road and got out, 3. (plan) to walk to the nearest gas station. That’s when I met Johnny, a homeless man sitting nearby. Johnny stopped me. Concerned about my 4. (secure), he told me to get back in the car and lock the doors. I obeyed. A few minutes later, he came back with a gas can that he bought with his last $20.”“5.was crazy that he would use all his money on someone he didn’t even know,” Kate added. 6. (repay)Johnny, Kate returned many times and gave him some money, food and clothes. But she wanted to do more for this man. “Johnny is generous indeed,” said Kate. “He’s got 7. positive energy that he should be helped.” 8. (touch) by Johnny’s selflessness, Kate is now raising money online for him. “To my great delight, donations keep pouring in,” said Kate. “So far, over $100,000 9.(collect). He’s indeed a good guy and deserves everything10.is coming to him.”


  假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。





  2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。

  Dear Mr. Xie,

  I’m very exciting to write to you to express my thanks. I am Li Hua, one of the poor children who was crying for knowledge, but couldn’t afford the school fees because my father was ill or my family was deeply in debt. Thank you for give me generous support so that I could have the chance go back to school. Has it not been for the support, I wouldn’t have realized my dream. Your help makes much difference to me. I am sure to spread the love to help people in the need.

  In brief, my appreciation for your kindness can never be expressed in word. Please accept my sincerely gratitude.


  Li Hua


  假定你是李华,你校最近开辟了校园图书角。请给留学生 Tony 写一封邮件,介绍校园图书角的情况。内容包括:


  注意:1.词数 100 左右;