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  Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation from the others

  A. salaryB. trafficC. cancelD. bakery

  The first China International Import Expo was _________ attractive event in Shanghai.

  A. aB. anC. theD. /

  The wildfire in California destroyed more than 12,000 homes _________ November, 20xx.

  A. inB. onC. atD. to

  Peter’s wife was extremely angry _________ him because he told a lie to her.

  A. forB. toC. withD. about

  The latest Guinness Book of World Record includes _________ new and updated records.

  A. thousandB. thousandsC. thousand ofD. thousands of

  Nowadays many people like to take selfies and show _________ photos through WeChat.

  A. theyB. theirsC. theirD. them

  We have tried several ways to solve the problem, but _________ of them works.

  A. bothB. allC. neitherD. none

  The chicken soup smells so _________ that my mouth is watering.

  A. hotB. wellC. goodD. best

  Passengers prefer a high-speed train because it travels much _________ than an ordinary train.

  A. quicklyB. quickC. more quicklyD. quicker

  Practice more, _________ you will fail to pass the writing grade exam again.

  A. soB. orC. andD. but

  According to the new traffic rules, kids under 12 _________ sit in the front passenger seat of a car.

  A. mustn’tB. can’tC. shouldn’tD. needn’t

  Mr. Wang _________ a volunteer for our community since he came into our neighborhood.

  A. wasB. has beenC. had beenD. will be

  Tim _________ chess with his uncle happily when I saw him in the garden.

  A. is playingB. playedC. was playingD. has played

  Mum promised that she _________ a new computer for me if I learnt computer programming.

  A. buysB. will buyC. boughtD. would buy

  The newly-built underground line enables people there _________ the islands in less than an hour.

  A. to reachB. reachedC. reachD. reaching

  The police had got many clues, but the thief still denied _________ the woman’s purse.

  A. stealB. stolenC. to stealD. stealing

  Jenny won’t be allowed to enter the theatre _________ she has a ticket.

  A. ifB. sinceC. unlessD. although

  _________helpful it is to develop a good study habit in our daily life!

  A. WhatB. What aC. What anD. How

  --- _________, Henry You look upset.

  ---I lost my student’s card when I was jogging this morning.

  A. What are you doingB. Where have you been

  C. What’s the matter with youD. How about a party for you


  1.Mr. Yang taught the students how to survive in an emergency.(改为一般疑问句)

  _________ Mr. Yang_________ the students how to survive in an emergency

  2.The IT engineer spent about two years improving the operating system.(对划线部分提问)

  _________ _________ did the IT engineer spend improving the operating system

  3.The football player apologized to the audience for his rude behavior.(保持句意基本不变)

  The football player_________ _________ to the audience for his rude behavior.

  4.Our English teacher rarely loses his temper.(改为反义疑问句)

  Our English teacher rarely loses his temper, _________ _________

  5.They send the children in the village a lot of presents every Children’s Day.(改为被动语态)

  The children in the village _________ _________ a lot of presents every Children’s Day.

  6.Who is in charge of the speech contents Wendy wanted to know.(改为宾语从句)

  Wendy wanted to know __________ _________ in charge of the speech contest.

  7.a wonderful speech, to, the headmaster, all the parents and students, made (连词成句)




  Painting by Numbers

  This is a colorful set which will help you to paint like a real artist. Each color has a number and the numbers are on the picture for you to follow. Painting beautifully has never been easier. Everyone will think you are the next teenage genius. Of course, it’s up to you whether you tell them how you did it so well!



  This game will keep your fingers busy all day. You have to press the lights when the light up. Do you think it sounds easy Well, think again because it is actually very difficult. If you miss a lot of lights, you’ll lose the game. You will not be able to put this game down. Instead, it will push you beyond your limits and test the use of your fingers.


  Chasing Vermeer

  If you like who-done-it police stories to get your brain working, then ‘chasing Vermeer’ is your perfect read. It’s a mystery story about math shapes. Two children, called Calder and Petra, try to find out where an expensive Vermeer painting was. Vermeer was a famous artist. This book will make you read all night! Plus, the pictures are wonderful. Look at each picture carefully. There is something hidden in each one.



  This might look like a cute toy, but it’s a talking Internet phone. Just plug your Verballs into your USB port on our computer and you can phone all your friends for free, all around the world! Verballs are not only useful, they’re also fun! When your friend speaks, your Verball’s lights flash and his arms wave.

  1.The colorful set called Painting by Numbers allows you to be _________.

  A. a real artistB. a teenage genius

  C. a good painterD. a fashion designer

  2.The underlined word “it” in the article “Game” probably refers to _________.

  A. missing the lightsB. pressing the lights

  C. turning off the lightsD. lighting up the lights.

  3.Chasing Vermeer tells a story about finding out the missing _________.

  A. artistB. bookC. childrenD. painting

  4.Chasing Vermeer is a kind of book except a(n) _________.

  A. police storyB. art bookC. picture bookD. mystery story

  5.To communicate with a pen friend in another country, you will be interested in _________.

  A. VerballsB. Painting by Numbers

  C. GYAD. Chasing Vermeer

  6.The passage mainly introduces us some_________.

  A. ideas in science fieldB. courses in education

  C. produces in daily lifeD. examples in technology.


  Having a positive attitude towards life is extremely important in all aspect, especially in an interview. Most people do poorly at interviews because they don’t have a positive attitude. In other words, they are _________ and forget all of their strengths and achievements. Don’t be shy! Tell the world about the good things you have done.

  Here are some things to encourage you and improve your performance in life.

  Always keep ______ with people you are talking to. Looking into someone’s eyes expresses honestly. Besides, your smile will cheer up everyone.

  Always use a handshake when you meet an interviewer. If you shake the interviewer’s hand firmly and you’re your name proudly, you will ____ show you are serious about your occupation. Such a handshake will bring the feelings of being trustful and equal. This is the best way to make a good ______.

  Always look on the bright side of life. ____ advantages of everything and everyone. Every person has shining points, find them!

  Be glad to learn something new every day.

  Be generous to share something new with your partner every day.

  Always say more than yes or no when you are ____.

  As long as you know the above tips, your life will gradually bring some active responses in return.

  1.A. excitedB. nervousC. strangeD. calm

  2.A. personal distanceB. physical signalC. private roomD. eye contact

  3.A. gentlyB. suddenlyC. directlyD. finally

  4.A. impressionB. situationC. locationD. solution

  5.A. Take outB. Look outC. Turn outD. Point out

  6.A. taughtB. askedC. praisedD. greeted


  There was once a jeweler, famous for many virtues(美德). One day, some Arabs came to him for some diamonds to decorate an important thing for a yearly celebration.

  The Arabs told him what they wanted, and offered him a f1. price for the diamonds. He replied that he could not let them see the jewels at that moment, and required them to call again.

  As they wanted the diamonds without any delay, and thought that the p2. of the jeweler was only to increase the price of the diamonds, the Arabs offered him twice, then three times as much as they were worth. But he still refused, and they were quite d3. and went away.

  Some hours later, he went to the Arabs and l4. before them the diamonds, for which they again offered him the last price they had named, but he said, “ I will only accept the first price you offered to me this morning.”

  “Why, then, did you disagree with us at once ” asked they in surprise.

  “When you came,” replied he, “my father had the key to the s5., in which the diamonds were locked, and as he was asleep, I would have to w6. him to gain them.”

  “At his age, a short hour of sleep u7.does him good; and no business is more important than my father’s single comfort.”

  The Arabs were affected by his words. They spread their hand upon the jeweler’s head and showed their satisfying smiles.


  Fishing for Tiger Woods

  Tiger Woods is an American golfer, who is among the greatest golfers of all time. He used to be the World No. 1, and now is No. 3 in the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes.

  Tiger Woods has achieved so much in his life, both in his career and the fame that any successful person could get. He must be excellent when it comes to the golf course. His another desire is to become good at catching fish. Yes, you are reading it right; fishing is what he does whenever he’s not playing golf.

  Climbing Trees for Simon Cowell

  Simon Cowell is an English television producer. He is known in the United Kingdom and the United States for his role as a talent judge on TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol. He might have been known for his sarcastic comments(嘲讽的`评论) when he was part of American Idol as one of its judges. He is also the owners of the television production and music publishing house Syco.

  Although he has strong and straight personality, he loves climbing up the tress like a kid. Instead of taking up an ordinary hobby, he finds it challenging and energetic to climb up trees.

  for Claudia Schiffer

  Claudia Schiffer is a German model, who rose to popularity and became a household name during the early 1990s as one of the world’s super models. She has set up a company with her own clothing label to be a businesswoman.

  Most women dislike the frightening little things that can be seen. But with Claudia Schiffer, she does what most women hat in general. She goes to gardens or woods for insects to collect. She is neither a bit afraid nor thinks that they can hurt her.

  1.Has Tiger Woods achieved much success in his career


  2.Where does Simon Cowell known as a talent judge


  3.Why does Simon Cowell select climbing trees as his hobby


  4.What does Claudia Schiffer do according to the article


  5.What do you think was Claudia Schiffer’s hobby Please complete the blank in the article.


  6.What similarities(共同点) do you think the three people share List three points in sentences.



  Write at least 60 words on the topic “ How lucky I am to have _________”(以‘我多么幸运能够拥有________’为题,写一篇不少于 60 个词的短文,标点符号不占格, 请在答题纸上把作文标题补充完整,如: a true friend, a warm family, an interesting book….)



  (注意: 短文中不得出现任何人名、校名及其它相关信息,否则不予评分。)

  The following is for reference only(以下表达仅供参考)

  be satisfied with …..

  encourage sb. to do sth.

  do sb. a favor

  with the help of ……..