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  My dear friend, your attitude today has ________ important effects on your success tomorrow. Come on, please.

  A. aB. anC. /

  —________ more and more foreigners coming to our country to learn Chinese?

  —Of course. Because of the fast development, many foreign countries pay more attention to China.

  A. will there beB. will be thereC. Are there going to have

  It is necessary for children to exchange ideas with parents from time to time ________ a good parent-children relationship could be set up.

  A. so thatB. becauseC. as soon as

  —Look at my stamps. How do you like them?

  —They are beautiful! You’ve got a wonderful ________.

  A. introductionB. exhibitionC. collection

  China is the biggest market for instant noodles(方便面). It ________ be a snack for students, a meal on a train, or just for hungry workers.

  A. needB. canC. must

  Choice is life’s ________ gift. It is the ability to choose some actions from a set of things to achieve a goal.

  A. greaterB. greatestC. the greatest

  ________ air pollution, such as smog (雾霾), ________ our health, we should do something like wearing a mask (面罩).

  A. Stop, to hurtB. To stop, hurtingC. Stopping, to hurt

  —How long have you ________ Sanya in Hainan?

  —Half a month, and it is the most beautiful city that I’ve visited.

  A. been inB. gone toC. been to

  The world’s longest cross-sea bridge, the 55-km-long Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) ________ on Oct 24. The HZMB will make it much easier to travel between the three areas.

  A. opensB. was openC. opened

  —Do you know when we ________ our first simulate (模拟) exam?

  —Sorry, I have no idea. But when I ________ the news, I will let you know.

  A. will have, getB. have, will getC. will have, am getting

  —Well done! You did very well in the final exam. Could you please tell me ________?

  —Sure. I listened to the teacher carefully and did lots of exercises.

  A. which is the best way to improve my grade

  B. how did you deal with to get the good marks

  C. what you did to get the good marks

  —How many friends of ________ can come to celebrate your birthday?

  —________, I think. They’re all preparing for the new term.

  A. you, No oneB. yours, NoneC. you, None

  Problems and worries are normal in life. When we have a lot of worries, someone advises us ________ our parents about them because they have more experience.

  A. talking toB. to talk toC. talk to

  —I called you last night, but there was no reply.

  —Oh, sorry. I ________ in the park at that time.

  A. was walkingB. walkedC. am walking

  Thanksgiving Day is a day for Western families and their friends to have a big dinner together, giving their thanks to God for what they have got. It is a traditional festival in ________.

  A. ChinaB. AmericaC. Japan

  Do you often go to the theater? It’s a great place to enjoy the latest films with others. To be a good moviegoer(常看电影的人), you shouldn’t ________.

  ①eat and drink noisily

  ②put your feet on the back of the seats

  ③be on time

  ④use your phone or other mobile devices (移动设备).

  ⑤stay quiet during the film

  A. ②③④B. ①②④C. ①④⑤

  Li Ming is an active boy student and he always tries his best to make his life colorful though he is in Grade 9. The table below shows that he spends ________ minutes on after-class activities every week.

  Li Ming’s After-class Activities



  Reading books

  Riding a bike


  Ball games

  50 minutes

  100 minutes

  20 minutes/day

  30 minutes/day

  A. 250B. 850C. 600

  Which pair of the words with the underlined letters has the same sound?

  A. abroad?? coachB. clothes?? monthC. deaf?? health

  In the following words, which underlined letter has a different sound from the others?

  A. attentionB. conditionC. question

  Which word of the following has a different stress from the others?

  A. mirror.B. perform.C. medium.


  Do you know the Future Science Prize? On Saturday, it announced the 20xx winners in the ______ of life science, physical science, and mathematics and computer.

  Nobody can get over difficulties easily. ______ doing research was hard, they still made it. China’s “Father of Hybrid Rice” Yuan Longping ______ the Life Science Prize with Zhang Qifa and Li Jiayang. They all have done pioneering ______ for the country. It includes some new kinds of rice with ______ production and quality(质量). Ma Dawei, Feng Xiaoming and Zhou Qilin received the Physical Science Prize for creative-contributions to the ______ of new catalysts and reactions(催化剂和反应). Lin Benjian got the Mathematics and Computer Science ______ expanding nanoscale integrated circuits (扩展纳米集成电路).

  The Future Science Prize is known as China’s “Nobel Prize”. It rewards (奖励) ______ research that was finished in China and has an influence around the world. The prize ______ by a private organization of twelve Chinese businessmen instead of a public one. They hope more public attention can be paid to the country’s development of science.

  Scientific development is basic to a better China. This prize will help to make use of the top-computer science technology. What’s more, it encourages people ______ more scientific inventions by themselves. We are all more scientific inventions by themselves We are We are all more scientific inventions by themselves. We are hoping to see more changes in the coming years!


  1.A. spaceB. areasC. rooms

  2.A. BecauseB. AlthoughC. Since

  3.A. dividedB. sharedC. mixed

  4.A. skillB. trainingC. work

  5.A. fullB. mainC. high

  6.A. inventionB. positionC. information

  7.A. asB. withC. for

  8.A. popularB. excellentC. usual

  9.A. set upB. was set upC. was setting up

  10.A. to createB. creatingC. create


  There lived a couple in a small town in Australia. The lady was very talkative(多话的). Usually she kept talking with people on the phone hour after hour when she was alone at home. Once in a blue moon, she hung up in 30 minutes

  At the end of every month, when the couple got the telephone bill, the husband was amazed by the cost and he was so worried about this. The lady promised to talk for a shorter time, but she didn’t keep her promise, though she really tried hard.

  One Saturday evening, they were dining at the table and the phone rang.

  The lady stood up immediately. She ran to the phone and started chatting.

  After about 30 minutes, she hang up and came back to the table.

  The husband was happy that she hang up in 30 minutes which was a good sign where she normally doesn’t hung up at least for 2 hours. So he asked happily, “________?”

  “No, it was a wrong number.” replied the lady.


  1.The underlined words “Once in a blue moon” most probably mean ________.

  A. AlwaysB. SometimesC. Seldom

  2.The husband was ________ when he got the telephone bill.

  A. happy and excitedB. surprised and worriedC. angry and crazy

  3.When the telephone rang, ________.

  A. the lady went to answer the phone at once

  B. the husband was not at home

  C. the couple were watching TV in the sitting room

  4.Which of the following is TRUE according to the-passage?

  A. The couple lived in a small city in Australia.

  B. The lady usually spent at most 2 hours talking on the phone.

  C. The phone call was from a stranger that Saturday evening.

  5.“________” can be the missing sentence in the passage.

  A. Was your friend busy so that she bung up so soon

  B. Why did your father hang up first

  C. Was it your father or your friend



  Adult $ 5.00

  Child(5-15 years) $ 2.50

  Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children)??? $ 12. 50

  Children under 5 Free

  Address: Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7

  Direction: 7 miles NW of London off A49



  31 Mar—30 Sep: daily 10am—5pm

  1—31 Oct: Wed—Sun 10am—5pm

  1 Nov—28 Feb: Thu—Sun 10am—4pm

  1—30 Mar: Wed—Sun 10am—5pm

  Closed: 24—26 Dec & 1 Jan

  Audio tour Family learning No dogs Parking shop Toilet Tearoom

  Tearoom Apr.—Oct. only.

  For more information ring direct on 01588 672544


  1.If Mr. Smith goes to visit Stokesay Castle with his daughter who is 4 years old, he should pay ________ for the tickets.

  A. $ 2.50B. $ 5.00C. $ 12.50

  2.We can visit Stokesay Castle ________ in November.

  A. every dayB. from Tuesday to SundayC. from Thursday to Sunday

  3.We can ________ in Stokesay Castle.

  A. take a walk with a pet dog

  B. enjoy tea in the tearoom anytime

  C. do some shopping

  4.Which of the following is TRUE according to the form?

  A. Stokesay Castle is in America.

  B. We can go to Stokesay Castle to celebrate Christmas Day.

  C. Children under five can go into Stokesay Castle for free.

  5.Stokesay Castle is open from 10am to 5pm on Tuesday in ________.

  A. FebruaryB. MarchC. July


  It was the end of June. It was also the end of my soccer life and even the use of my arm. It was a match against Saugus High School. Before half-time, the score was 4-0. Suddenly I had a feeling that something was about to go very wrong. a voice was telling me not to play at that time, but I had to win!

  I threw the ball to one of my teammates, but the star player from Saugus got the ball and I began to run at full speed. I got the ball, but also took the player with it on purpose.

  A large player from Saugus saw what I did to his teammate and got angry. Instead of slide tackling(铲球), he went just for my leg, and got my arm. My wrist(手腕) got stuck and I felt it broken like a weak stick. I was told by the doctor of Boston Children’s Hospital that “It is the worst break I have ever seen.” He continued to say that I should not play soccer for at least a year.

  At first I was lost, angry and in pain. But then I learned that I am more than just an athlete (运动员). When I paid attention to schoolwork instead of soccer, I actually did very well. I also had more time to spend with my family and non-soccer friends. Now I am at peace with the accident. My future i bright and I am trying to succeed at everything.


  1.The writer’s wrist was broken badly at the end of July.

  2.The large player went for the writer’s legs because he saw what the writer did to his teammate.

  3.The accident gave the writer a chance to take up another sport.

  4.The writer did well in his school lessons after the accident.

  5.From the passage we know that we should never give up because of an unexpected thing in our life.


  A well-known saying goes like this, “mind at peace give you coolness”. As the temperature rises day by day, it’s time to create some coolness besides keeping calm.

  Chinese people have some traditional ways to reduce the summer heat without air-conditioners (空调). Such ways include healthy food and tools that also help people experience the beauty of summer. Here are some choices which will bring you a surprisingly cool experience.

  The first one is plum juice(酸梅汤). It is a traditional healthy drink in summer in Beijing. It can reduce summer heat in the human body. People can have the juice all year round, yet summer is the best time.

  The second is a bamboo mat. It is a lovely must-have that can cool your summer with a naturally nice smell. There are many sizes for beds and chairs and so on. It’s really comfortable to lie on a bamboo mat and drink some plum juice while watching TV in summer.

  The last one is Chinese fans. Available in many shapes and materials, Chinese fans are special for the water-ink paintings they carry. Fans made of silk were often used by women, especially young unmarried ladies in ancient China. They used fans to hide their mouths or aces when they wanted to avoid showing shyness. If you want to lead a low-carbon(低碳) style of living, a fan is necessary in summer.


  1.The underlined word “mat” in this passage mean “________” in Chinese.

  A. 床单B. 席子C. 毯子

  2.In this passage, the writer talks about ________.

  A. food and tools in summer in China

  B. some Chinese traditional paintings

  C. a low-carbon lifestyle

  3.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

  A. People love to do something exciting during a hot summer.

  B. There are many Chinese ways to have a cool summer.

  C. The summer in China is really cool.

  4.It is clear that ________.

  A. people can have plum juice only in summer

  B. air-conditioners are necessary for every person in summer

  C. Chinese girls in the past were rather shy

  5.What’s the best title for the passage?

  A. How to Keep Cool and Calm Down.

  B. An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Cooling Ways.

  C. Quick Ways to Reduce the Summer Heat.



  (At the restaurant)

  A: Good evening, sir. Welcome to our restaurant.

  B: Good evening. I booked a table for three this afternoon. I’m Mr. Black.

  A: OK. 1.

  (At the table)

  A: Here is the menu. 2.

  B: Yes. 3.

  C: I’d like dumplings with seafood.

  B: What about you, Susan?

  D: Er, 4.

  A: Beijing Duck in our restaurant is very delicious. Would you like some?

  B: OK. And some vegetables, too. 5.

  A: All right. Please wait a moment.

  A. May I take your order now?

  B. This way, please.

  C. Is that all?

  D. I’d like noodles with beef.

  E. What would you like, dear?

  F. I’d like a table by the window.

  G. That’s all.

  A. May I take your order now?

  B. This way, please.

  C. Is that all?

  D. I’d like noodles with beef.

  E. What would you like, dear?

  F. I’d like a table by the window.

  G. That’s all.


  Dear Mr. Liu,

  On the moment of graduation from my junior middle school, I would like to thank you most sincerely for everything you did for me and my classmates in the past four years. It was you who make learning not a job but a joy. It was you who helped me to discover what I did best. You have helped us learn from failure, discover strength(力量) in difficulties. You, as my teacher, gave me words, images, ideas from which to build my life. Whatever I built, you helped to lay the foundations(基础). As you can understand the sadness, the excitements and the joys of the children in the class, you are the person I can always trust and turn to when life gets difficult.

  You have been more than kind, and I won’t ever forget it. Please accept my thanks for improving me so much, especially in your math class.




  1.c________ a person who is in the same class as you at school.

  2.l________ put sth. in a position


  Whatever I built, you helped to lay the foundations (基础).

  3.________ ________ what I built, you helped to lay the foundations(基础).


  4.How long has the writer studied with the teacher, Mr. Liu?


  5.Why does the writer always trust the teacher and turn to when life gets difficult?


  6.Is the teacher a math teacher or an English teacher?




  Most people know what a giraffe looks like. They’re tall, and famous for their long necks that allow them to reach the leaves at the top of the trees that other animals can’t reach. With its 6-foot-long legs and 6-foot-long neck a giraffe can grow over 18 feet tall. That’s almost as tall as a two-floor building! Even a baby giraffe has a long neck and long legs. In fact, a baby giraffe can be feet tall at birth and can stand up in an hour. A giraffe’s heart is also long, with a heart being up to two feet. It takes a strong heart to move blood up the long neck into the brain. The giraffe has special valve(瓣膜) in its blood vessels((血管). These valves prevent blood from rushing to the head when the giraffe bend low to drink. The giraffe must spread its long legs apart so that its long neck can reach the water. Since it can’t protect itself when in this position, it doesn’t drink very often. They wisely choose plants to get water. And speaking of food that a giraffe likes best is the leaves of acacia trees(金合欢树).

  The animal with the 1. of “giraffe”

  a giraffe’s neck and legs

  The neck is of the same 2. of the legs.

  A giraffe’s heart

  It is strong enough to move blood up to the neck into the 3. .

  A giraffe’s blood vessels

  There are special valves in the vessels, which prevent blood from 4. to the head.

  A giraffe’s 5. food

  The leaves of acacia trees



  假如你是Jack,中学英文报 WARM HEART专栏的编辑,近期你收到一封署名为 Asking的求助信,该同学在信中诉说了自己当前焦虑的情绪,请根据以下信息,给他写一封回信。


  1. 表达你对他的理解并给予安慰。

  2. 求助人焦虑情绪产生的原因。



  3. 为他如何消除考前焦虑提出具体建议并说明理由。


  1. 不得使用真实姓名、地名和学校名。

  2. 可适当加入细节,使内容充实,行文连贯。

  3. 字迹工整、语言精练、表达准确、条理清晰。

  4. 至少80词。

  Hi, Asking,

  I’m the editor of WARM HEART. ____________________________________________________________