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  ??? Once I was playing in the woods when the sky started to turn dark and the wind started to blow. I saw a big black cloud? 1.(move) towards me. Suddenly, I felt the rain hitting my face! Actually, it was pouring! Then I saw lightning in the sky. And later, BOOM!!! A loud clap of thunder! Then I saw a little old hut and ran inside. It smelled awful and the walls were shaking, but it was? 2.(good) than nothing! Outside, the wind was howling and things were flying around. I just stood in the corner, cold and scared.??? 3.(lucky) my dad came and found me. I was safe!

  Li Bai was a Chinese poet praised from his own day to the present as a romantic figure 1.took traditional poetic forms to new heights. Thirty-four of his poems are included in Three Hundred Tang Poems. 2.(he) early poetry took place in the “golden age” of Tang dynasty. This all changed suddenly when all of northern China 3.(destroy)? by war. Fortunately, many of his poems? 4.(survive) ever since, enjoying lasting popularity in China and elsewhere.

  ??? The Chinese Lunar(月球) Exploration Program is designed to be conducted in three stages: The first is simply reaching lunar orbit(轨道), a task?? 1.(complete) by Chang?e 1 in 20xx and Chang?e 2 in 20xx. The second is?? 2.(land) on the Moon, as Chang?e 3 did in 20xx and Chang?e 4 in 20xx. The third one is collecting lunar samples and sending them to Earth, a task for the future Chang?e 5 and Chang?e 6 missions. It 3.(be) China?s first sample return mission in December 20xx.


  Did The Earth Move For You?

  Eleven-year-old Angela suffered from a disease involving her nervous system. She was unable to________and her movement was restricted in other ways as well. The doctors did not hold out much _______of her ever recovering from this illness. They ________she?d spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. They said that ______, if any, were able to come back to normal after catching this disease. But the little girl was brave and confident. There, lying in her hospital bed, she would ______to anyone who?d listen that she was definitely going to be walking again someday.

  She was then sent to a specialized rehabilitation hospital in the San Francisco Bay area. Whatever therapies(治疗方法) could be ________to her case were used. Things didn?t work as the therapists expected. Still they were charmed by her _________spirit. They taught her about ____________—? about? seeing? herself? walking.? If? it? would? do? nothing? else,? it? would ______give her hope and something _______to do in the long waking hours in her bed. Angela would work as hard as possible in physical therapy, in whirlpools and in exercise sessions. And she worked just as hard lying there ______doing her imaging, visualizing herself moving, moving, moving!

  One day, as she was twisting with all her _____to imagine her legs moving again, it seemed as though a _____thing happened: The bed moved! It began to move around the room! She _________out, “Look what I?m doing! Look! Look! I _________it! I moved!”

  Of course, at this very moment everyone else in the hospital was screaming, too, and running? for ______. People? were? screaming,? equipment? was _______and? glass? was breaking. You see, it was the recent San Francisco earthquake. But don?t tell that to Angela. She?s _________that she did? it. And now only a? few years? later, she?s back? in school.

  ______her own two legs. No crutches(拐杖), no wheelchair. You see, anyone who can shake the earth between San Francisco and Oakland can conquer a little disease. You never know what?s around the corner until you take a _________step.

  1.A. hearB. speakC. walkD. see

  2.A. prideB. hopeC. regretD. pity

  3.A. predictedB. forgotC. deniedD. promised

  4.A. someB. fewC. manyD. all

  5.A. apologizeB. appealC. referD. swear

  6.A. appliedB. appointedC. comparedD. explained

  7.A. competitiveB. independentC. sensitiveD. undefeatable

  8.A. concentratingB. summarizingC. picturingD. sorting

  9.A. in advanceB. for some reasonC. on the contraryD. at least

  10.A. positiveB. attractiveC. familiarD. boring

  11.A. gratefullyB. faithfullyC. hopelesslyD. royally

  12.A. mightB. interestC. fameD. need

  13.A. normalB. magicalC. funnyD. simple

  14.A. foundB. screamedC. turnedD. counted

  15.A. understoodB. refusedC. madD. decided

  16.A. coverB. comfortC. freedomD. office

  17.A. explodingB. workingC. self-repairingD. falling

  18.A. persuadedB. ashamedC. convincedD. worried

  19.A. ByB. WithC. OnD. For

  20.A. cautiousB. reasonableC. finalD. further


  ??? Canterbury College


  This course will enable students to experience performing arts and the media at a basic level. It will give them the experience to decide if they wish to develop an interest in this field and to train their potential and adaptability for working in a performance company in either a performing or a technical role.


  The aim of this course is to provide a series of training in business-related skills and a comprehensive knowledge of business practice. It is for students with a business learning experience who can manage a heavy workload.


  This course gives a foundation for a career in caring for children, the elderly or people with special needs. Core units are Emergency Treatment, Communication and Information Technology. Practical training is an important part of the course.


  This course is designed to provide an introduction to the construction industry. Units covered include Heat, Light and Sound, Introduction to the Urban Environment, Communication Processes and Techniques. All students will complete vocational assignments with work experience in the big companies.


  The qualifications gained and the skills developed on this course will provide a good basis for gaining employment in office work. In addition to word processing, the course also covers spreadsheets, computerized accounting, databases and desktop publishing. All students are given chances to develop their confidence, and advice and information is given on job search skills, presentation techniques and personal appearance.


  This course is designed to provide a foundation in graphic and visual communication skills. Students complete units in //xiaoxue.ruiwen.com/picposition and photographic processing alongside elements of graphic design, and gain hands-on experience of desktop publishing and presentations.

  1.Suzan wants to be an actress, she can choose .

  A. Course AB. Course B

  C. Course DD. Course E

  2.Course C is fit for the students who might .

  A. deal with the numbers

  B. work with the disabled

  C. run a business organization

  D. design and construct buildings

  3.If David chooses Course F, he might be a student with the career interest in _.

  A. advertisingB. politics

  C. nursingD. management

  4.Where can we probably find the passage?

  A. In a city guidebook.B. In a science journal.

  C. On a school website.D. From a news report.

  The True Story of a Young Man

  When Reginald Lindsay received a scholarship to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia in 1967, what he wanted most was not a job with a good salary, but a chance to be a member of Congress as a southern representative. After earning his degree at Harvard Law School in 1970, he returned to the South to practice law among the poor. “I want to help them understand what their rights are and to help them achieve them,” he said. Then he ran for political office at the local and state level until he was ready to try for Congress.

  Reg grew up in a low-income Negro section of Birmingham, Alabama. Brought up by his grandparents after his parents were divorced while he was very young, Reg had been living through a period of far-reaching progress in race relations. In the summer of 1968 Reg himself became a good example of this progress when he became the first Negro student appointed to a special new program. The program introduced bright young students to the workings of the Georgia State government and encouraged them to seek employment there after finishing their education. “I?ve been lucky,” he said. “I seem to have been in the right place at the right time.”

  But luck was only part of Reg?s story, for he made the most of opportunities that came his way. He learned to read in kindergarten and began visiting the public library regularly to borrow books. His grandparents encouraged him, though neither of them had much education, and they bought him a set of encyclopedias. “I loved those books,” he remembered. “I used to come downstairs before breakfast and read short articles. I enjoyed reading about famous men, and then I would pretend to be one of them. I guess it was partly a childish game and partly an escape. It wasn?t too much fun to be a Negro when I was a kid.” While studying for his bachelor?s degree at Morehouse College, Reg worked on several political campaigns helping candidates get elected to government offices. At the same time he maintained a “B” average while majoring in political science.

  With just two more years to complete at Harvard Law School, which also gave him a scholarship, Reg made a good start on his professional career. He said, “The good life for me is the kind of life where I can find satisfaction in public service.” Then in 1975 he was the Massachusetts state commissioner of public utilities and from 1993 to 20xx he was judge of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

  1.After earning his degree from Harvard Law School, Reginald planned to .

  A. return to his hometown to find a job with a good salary

  B. go back to the South to help the poor understand their rights

  C. run for local office to make progress on the civil rights movement

  D. try for Congress by encouraging the poor to join an education program

  2.In what way did Reginald?s grandparents encourage him to read?

  A. They sent him to kindergarten.

  B. They led him to public library.

  C. They bought him encyclopedias.

  D. They borrowed many books for him.

  3.Which of the following words can best describe Reginald?

  A. Enthusiastic and careful.B. Cooperative and modest.

  C. Ambitious and hardworking.D. Courageous and generous.

  Eco-Resort Management

  Ecotourism is often regarded as a form of nature-based tourism and has become an important alternative source of tourists. In addition to providing the traditional resort-leisure product, it has been argued that ecotourism resort(度假村) management should have a particular focus on best-practice environmental management. Couran Cove Resort is such a tourist attraction located on South Stradbroke Island, Australia.

  Sustainable(可持续的) Practices of Couran Cove Resort

  South Stradbroke Island is separated from the mainland by the Broadwater, which is home to a wide range of plant communities. Located on the offshore island, the Resort is only accessible by means of water transportation. It provides hourly ferry service from the harbour on the mainland to and from the island. Within the Resort, transport modes include walking trails, bicycle tracks and the beach train. The reception area is the counter of the shop which has not changed in 8 years at least. The accommodation is an octagonal(八角形的) building. These are large rooms that are clean but the equipment is old and in some cases just working. The ceiling fan only works at high speed for example. Beds are hard but clean. There is a television, a radio, an old air conditioner and a small fridge in each room.

  As an ecotourism-based resort, most of the planning and development of the attraction has been concentrated on the need to co-exist with the natural environment of South Stradbroke Island to achieve sustainable development.

  Water and Energy Management

  There is groundwater at the centre of the island, which has a maximum height of 3 metres above sea level. The water supply is recharged by rainfall and is commonly known as an freshwater aquifer(含水层). Couran Cove Island Resort obtains its water supply by tapping into this aquifer and collecting it through a pipe. In order to narrow the water uses, all laundry activities are carried out on the mainland. The Resort uses LPG power station rather than a fuel oil? station? for? its? energy? supply,? supplemented(补充)? by wind? power,? which? has? reduced greenhouse emissions by 70%. Hot water in the eco-cabins and for some of the Resort?s vehicles is solar-powered. Water efficient fittings are also installed in showers and toilets. Visitors who stay at the Resort are encouraged to monitor their water and energy usage by an in-house television system, and are rewarded with prizes (such as a free return trip to the Resort) accordingly if their usage level is low.


  In three years of operation, Couran Cove Island Resort has won 23 international and national awards. It has effectively implemented contemporary environmental management practices. However, the Resort?s growth will eventually be limited by its carrying capacity, and quantity control should be incorporated in the management strategy of the Resort.

  1.In order to achieve sustainable development, the Resort .

  A. cancels the transportation service

  B. researches into plant communities

  C. provides high quality accommodation

  D. operates in harmony with its natural surroundings

  2.What is applied for heating water on Couran Cove Island Resort?

  A. The LPG power.B. The petro power.

  C. The solar power.D. The wind power.

  3.According to the study, in the future what should the Resort focus on?

  A. Increasing the supply of fresh water.

  B. Meeting the need of international guests.

  C. Improving the tourism entertainment projects.

  D. Limiting the number of the guests to the Resort.

  4.From the passage we can know that Couran Cove Island Resort .

  A. suffers huge loss in natural resources

  B. achieves success in eco-resort management

  C. sets a good example for profit-making business

  D. raises standards in guest-monitoring management

  ??? Bullying(霸凌) can take a variety of forms, from the verbal to the physical as well as indirect forms, such as being excluded from social groups. Bullying is clearly unpleasant, and can make the child experiencing it feel unworthy and depressed. In extreme cases it can even lead to suicide, though this is thankfully rare.

  Until recently, not much was known about the topic, and little help was available to teachers to deal with bullying. Perhaps as a consequence, schools would often deny? the problem. ?There is no bullying at this school? has been a common answer if asked, almost certainly untrue. Fortunately more schools are now saying: “There is not much bullying here, but when it occurs we have a clear policy for dealing with it.” Three factors are involved in this change. First is an awareness of the severity of the problem. Second, a number of resources to help tackle bullying have become available in Britain. For example, the Scottish Council for Research in Education produced a package of materials, Action Against Bullying, circulated to all schools in England and Wales as well as in Scotland. In Ireland, Guidelines on Countering Bullying Behaviour in Post-Primary Schools was published, too. Third, there is evidence that these materials work, and that schools can achieve something.

  Evidence suggests that a key step is to develop a policy on bullying, saying clearly what bullying means, and giving explicit guidelines on what will be done if it occurs, what records will be kept, who will be informed and what punishments will be employed. The policy should be developed through consultation over a period of time. Pupils, parents and staff should feel they have been involved in the policy. Other actions can be taken to back up the policy. There are ways of dealing with the topic through the curriculum, using video, drama and literature. But curriculum work alone may only have short-term effects; it should be an addition to policy work. There are also ways of working with individual pupils, or in small groups. Work in the playground is important, too. One helpful step is to train lunchtime supervisors to distinguish bullying from playful fighting, and help them break up conflicts. Another possibility is to improve the playground environment, so that pupils are less likely to be led into bullying from boredom or frustration.

  With these developments, schools can expect that at least the most serious kinds of bullying can largely be prevented. The more effort is put in and the wider the whole school is involved, the more substantial the results are likely to be. The reduction in bullying and the consequent improvement in pupil happiness is surely a worthwhile objective.

  1.The writer thinks that the response ?There is no bullying at this school? shows .

  A. bullying can be easily dealt with

  B. bullying doesn?t exist in the school

  C. the school knows nothing about bullying

  D. the school lacks the knowledge and resources about bullying

  2.From paragraph 2, we can learn that .

  A. reasons for the increased rate of bullying are clear

  B. in the previous years, British government policy failed

  C. developments in dealing with bullying have led to a solution

  D. there is no research into how common bullying is in British schools

  3.According to the passage, what is the most important part of reducing bullying?

  A. Develop a policy through consultation.

  B. Deal with the topic through the curriculum.

  C. Work with individual pupils or in small groups.

  D. Give detailed guidelines on the right things to do.

  4.Which of the following is the most suitable title for the passage?

  A. Bullying: what parents can do

  B. Bullying: are the schools to blame?

  C. Bullying: the link with academic failure

  D. Bullying: from no way out to prevention


  Public Speaking

  Public speaking can be defined as the act of making a speech in front of a group of listeners.

  The types of public speaking are deliberately structured with three general purposes: to inform, to persuade and to entertain. An informative speech has a purpose to inform, or give knowledge to its audience. 1.For persuasive speech, the speaker would try to change the mindset, perception, or behavior of the audience for their own good. Thus, the speaker needs to look for common ground with the audience and try to relate to what they might agree on. The last type is a ceremonial speech. It tends to be less formal and more personal than the other types of speeches. No matter how well you know the person you are giving speech about, try not to say bad things about them, even if it is meant to be a joke.

  2.Sparing some time to practice will help build confidence and help determine how long the presentation will last. Aside from it, knowing who the audience will be is quite necessary. Try to get as much information as possible regarding this particular area related to the audience. Knowing the “battlefield” in advance will give the speakers a huge advantage.

  Language is the main aspect a speaker needs to pay attention to while giving a speech.

  3.A speaker needs to choose their words carefully and make it clear to the audience what they mean. Often, when given a speech, the audience look up to the speaker to give them something new and useful.? 4.Language and delivery alone will not be sufficient if the speaker does not have the body language. The movement and gesture of a speaker also affect the audience. While closing the speech or presentation, speakers can restate their main points, just to remind the audience of the important things that have been said. 5.

  A. It needs to be used clearly.

  B. These speeches mark special occasions.

  C. The important thing to watch about is not to put in too much information.

  D. The key of perfecting anything is through practice, including public speaking.

  E. They can also end it with a special message and encourage the audience to ask questions.

  F. Knowing how public speaking is done is a key part in understanding the importance of it.

  G. Thus, the speaker needs to know how to deliver their speech to fulfill the audience?s expectation.


  假设你是红星中学高三学生李华。北京冬奥组委会正在招募志愿者,其职责为接待各国运动员及宣传中国文化,组委会要求志愿者能够熟练运用英语,请你用英文写一封 申请信。

  内容包括:1. 申请原因2. 你的优势3.? 相关经历

  注意:1. 词数不少于 502. 开头结尾已给出,不计入总词数

  Dear Sir/Madame,

  I have learned that volunteers? for? Beijing Winter Olympic Games are needed.








  Yours sincerely,

  Li Hua



  注意:词数不少于 60。

  提示词:京剧 Beijing opera;脸谱 facial makeup