How much are these pants单元测试题

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How much are these pants单元测试题


How much are these pants单元测试题

  ( ) C.white D.salad

  ( )2.A.bags B.tomatoes C.carrots D.potatoes

  ( )3.A.pants B.shorts C.socks D.soccers

  ( )4.A.boring B.interesting C.friend D.difficult

  ( )5.A.big C.long D.short

  ( ) C.sell D.believe


  7.Bring your math book here and ________ away your exercise books.

  8.I like short hair. I don’t like ________ hair.

  9.My shoes are too old. I want to buy ________ ones.

  10.The store sells school things. You can ________ some coloured pencils there.

  11.I think this book is very easy and that book is very ________.

  12.Watching TV is too boring. But playing sports is very ________.

  13.His first name is John and his ________ name is Green.

  14.The shirt is too big for me. Give me a ________ one, please.

  15.The blackboard is black. The words on it are ________.


  16.four + eight = ___________ + eight= ___________

  18.thirteen + seven = __________ _ 19.fourteen + sixteen = ___________

  20.seventy - fourteen = ___________ 21.eighty - sixteen = ___________

  22.sixty - thirteen = ___________ 23.eighty - forty= ___________

  24.forty-eight - twelve= ___________ 25.ninety + five = ___________


  26.各种颜色的___________ 27.运动包 ___________

  28.亲自___________ 29.看一看 ___________

  30.出售___________ 31.价格合理 ___________

  32.服装店___________ 33.到达 ___________

  34.愿意……便宜___________ 35.不只这些 ___________


  ( )36.Where ________ your new pants? ________ on the bed., It’s B.are, They are, They’re D.are, It’s

  ( )37.What color ________ the socks?

  A.can C.are

  ( )38.The girl ________ a colorful pencil.

  A.there is B.there are C.have D.has

  ( )39.It’s that time ________ year again.

  A.for B.of C.for a D.of a

  ( )40.You want it, we have it, ________ a very good price.

  A.for C.of

  ( )41.We have sweaters ________ all colors ________ ¥50 each., at, in, in, at

  ( )42.Come down ________ Huaxing and see ________ yourself., to B.for, for, for D.for, to

  ( )43.We can ________ books ________ the bookstore (书店).

  A.sell, to, from C.sell, from, to

  ( )44.The store ________ school things ________ the students.

  A.sell, to, from C.sells, to D.buys, from

  ( )45.There ________ many shorts ________ sale in the store.

  A.are, on B.are, for, on, for

  ( )46.________ the pants? They’re 15 yuan.

  A.How many is B.How many are

  C.How much is D.How much are

  ( )47.We read $ 10as ________.

  A.ten dollar B.ten dollars C.dollar ten D.dollars ten

  ( )48.This shirt is very cheap. I’ll ________ it.

  A.bring B.take C.want D.believe

  ( )49.________ a clerk work in a store?

  A.Is B.Are C.Does D.Do

  ( )50.We have T-shirts ________ green for only $ 8. C.on D.with


  51.How much is the socks? ________________

  52.How much are that pants? ________________

  53.These shoes are twenty-three dollar. ________________

  54.That hat is eight yuan ________________

  55.Fourteen and twenty-six is forty. ________________

  56.Have a look for the picture. ________________

  57.They each has a bag for sports. ________________

  58.We have many bags. Do you like it cheap. ________________

  59.Thank a lot. You’re welcome. ________________

  60.I’ll take these short. ________________



  A.How much is this that? B.I’ll take it.

  C.Can I help you? D.It’s twelve dollars.

  E.Yes, please. I want a hat. F.Here you are.

  G.You’re welcome. H.Thank you.

  I.We have hats in all colors.

  61.________ 62.________ 63.________ 64.________ 65.________

  66.________ 67.________ 68.________ 69.________



  A boy and a girl catch a bird and 70 it in a birdcage. They like it very much and 71 it every day.

  A cat sees the bird and wants 72 her supper. 73 the bird is in the cage. She can’t catch it. So she is very angry.

  One day, she opens the door of the cage 74 wants to catch it. But the bird flies away. The cat 75 , and she has 76 .

  The two children 77 and see the bird isn’t in. They are very angry and put the cat into the cage.

  ( )70.A.take B.put C.carry D.bring

  ( )71.A.see B.look C.have a look D.have a look at

  ( )72.A.have it for B.has it for have it for has it so

  ( )73.A.But B.And C.So D.Then

  ( )74.A.but B.and D.or

  ( )75.A.can to fly B.can fly C.can’t to fly D.can’t fly

  ( ) ways B.some ways C.any way D.not way

  ( )77.A.come back to home B.come back home

  C.come to home D.back home


  Come to Parkson store. Here is a supermarket(超市). Have a l 78 ! All the fruit and vegetables are at a very good p 79 ! Do you like oranges? They are ¥ 3 a kilo(公斤) . Do you n 80 big and red strawberries at ¥5 a kilo? And tomatoes are just ¥ 2 a kilo. Oh, come on with me. Here is the sports s 81 center. Do you have a football or a basketball? They are all only ¥ 50 each. And the sports shoes in all colours are ¥ 65 a pair! It’s so c 82 ! Do you believe it? Come on soon!

  78.________ 79.________ 80.________ 81.________ 82.________


  One Sunday afternoon Mr Green and his child, Mary, are in a big shop. Mr Green likes Mary and wants to buy a new dress for her. Mary doesn’t like the new dress. She likes something to eat. So her father buys two kilos of apples for her, too. Mary also wants to buy some picture-books and coloured pencils. There are many things and many people in the shop. They are men and women, old and young. They all want to buy something there. The people in the shop are very frendly.

  ( )83.It is ________.

  A.Saturday B.Monday C.Friday D.Sunday

  ( )84.Mary and ________ are in the shop.

  A.Mrs Green B.his father C.her father D.her mother

  ( )85.Mary likes to buy ________.

  A.a new dress

  B.coloured books

  C.apples, picture-books and coloured pencils

  D.something to drink


  Sam likes eating fish very much. He often buys fish in the shop and takes them home. One day his wife sees the fish and thinks, “Good! Now, I can ask my friends to have lunch and we can eat the fish. They like fish very much. ”

  When Sam comes home from work in the evening, the fish is not there and his wife says, “Oh, your cat eats it. ”And then she gives him some bread for his supper. Sam is angry(生气). He takes the cat and his wife to a shop near his house and weighs(称)the cat. Then he turns to his wife and says, “My fish weighs one kilo. The cat weighs one kilo, too. My cat is here, you see, then, where is my fish? ”

  86.What does Sam like eating very much?

  87.Who eat the fish that day?

  88.How much does the fish weigh?

  89.What does Sam’s wife give him for supper?

  90.Can you guess if (是否)Sam knows where the fish is?



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