The sky in my hometown小学英语作文

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The sky in my hometown小学英语作文

  在平时的'学习、工作或生活中,大家或多或少都会接触过作文吧,作文一定要做到主题集中,围绕同一主题作深入阐述,切忌东拉西扯,主题涣散甚至无主题。你知道作文怎样写才规范吗?下面是小编帮大家整理的The sky in my hometown小学英语作文,仅供参考,希望能够帮助到大家。

The sky in my hometown小学英语作文

  When I was very young ,the sky in my hometown was nice and beautiful, the sky was very blue,and the air was fresh. There were some birds singing ,and there were many trees in the fields. I often played with my friends in the open air.I liked it.

  Now the people are rich ,but the sky in my homerown isn't blue .the trees were cut down , and there aren't many birds. And the air isn't fresher than before. The rubbish is put here and there, it was bad for our health.So wo must do something to protect the environment. If we make a contribution to protecting the environment,the sky will become much more beautiful.

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