Unit 9 Food and drink 全英文一年级英语说课稿

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Unit 9 Food and drink 全英文一年级英语说课稿

  作为一位杰出的.教职工,可能需要进行说课稿编写工作,写说课稿能有效帮助我们总结和提升讲课技巧。怎样写说课稿才更能起到其作用呢?下面是小编为大家整理的Unit 9 Food and drink 全英文一年级英语说课稿,仅供参考,希望能够帮助到大家。

Unit 9 Food and drink 全英文一年级英语说课稿

  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! I’m XXX, from XX Primary School. It’s really an honor to share some of my teaching ideas with so many experienced teachers.

  My topic is ‘Primary English Grade 1 Unit 9 Food and drink’.

  In primary school, the main instructional aim of teaching English is to cultivate basic abilities of listening, speaking, reading, and good sense of the English language. Our boys and girls have learnt English just for one term. About this unit, they are so familiar with fast food. They are lovely and lively, and they like to sing, and to play games. So, I set the following three teaching aims: 1. Get the main idea of this story and expression. 2. Get Ss express one’s preference by using the sentence pattern: What do you like? I like…..3. Stimulate the interests of English learning. Besides, enable Ss to use the sentence pattern in real situation should be the most difficult points. To achieve the aims, I will use some pictures, words and sentence cards, a tape recorder and the multi-media computer. The situational teaching method, task-based method, communicated method, group cooperate method will be used in this period.

  To accomplish the aims, I design the following steps:

  Step1:warming up. Songs arouse the emotion.

  Step2: lead in.

  I will show the pictures of KFC directly.

  Step3: presentation

  This part includes showing the flash and leading them to observe the picture carefully. Step 4: Consolidation.

  I design a game: What is missing? to consolidate the words we learn.

  Step 5: Extension.

  I set a survey. Let students to interview their friends by using these sentence pattern: What do you like? I like…

  Step6: Homework

  1. Listen and repeat

  2. Recite the story

  3. Ask your friends what they like and tell your friends what you like.

  During these procedures, I think a lot and I get a lot. I always encourage my students with simile and gestures. The leading in of this lesson is interesting and meaningful. The activities symbolizing the active study and cooperative study, I fully bring the active use of the students into play .However; the patterns of activity are so limited.

  Finally, I’m so eager to get some advice from all of you excellent teachers.

  Thanks for your attention!

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