日记大全 时间:2020-04-14 我要投稿



  My father is very busy. Every day he goes to work by subway. He teaches math at school, His math is very good! In the afternoon, he eats lunch at school. After lunch, he reads newspapers. Then he goes home at 5:30. He eats dinner. Then, he takes a bath in the evening. He watches TV at living room. After watching TV, he goes to bed at 10:00.


  My father works hard. I like my father very much!





  My name is WangLei . My birthday is on August 11. We have a good birthday party. My mother makes a birthday cake for me. It’s big and tasty. My father give me a football. Because I like playing football. Many friends come to my home .We are very happy. They give me a lot of presents and some birthday cards. We sing and dance. We eat food and fruit. We play games together. We have a good time.




  My grandfather is a famous professor. He is over sixty now, but he is in good health, and his hair is still black. He is tall and hand some, and looks like a gentleman. Believe it or not, he began to learn to drive last year, and now he drives his white Nissan every day.My grand father has taught English for about 35 years, and he has been to many countries, such as America, France and Canada. Now he is on holiday in Europe with my grandmother. He is very kind to me.




  Today is Sunday.I get up early.Because I play sports.I wear my T-shirt and my skirt.Then I go to the playground to play ping-pong with Lucy.We are happy.After that,we eat breakfast .I like drinking milk but she likes drinking juice.At 10:00,I play the piano.Then I eat lunch at 2:30. I will go to school to study English. After that,I will go home and eat dinner.Then I will go to bed.

  This is my day. Do you like it? What about yours?





  I have a bedroom .It is not big , but it is nice .There is a bed in my bedroom . A yellow dog is on the bed .Every night,I sleep with it . Next to the bed, there is a desk. A bear lamp is on the desk .I like the bear lamp. Its cute. I like to do homework under the lamp every evening. I have a new computer in my bedroom .It is my best friend . Because I study at it, play at it . There are also several beautiful pictures on the wall. I like my bedroom. Do you like my bedroom?




  Our world is colorful.There are many kinds of color like black,pink,white,blue,brown,green,red,gray,purple,yellow and blond。

  Spring is green.The flowers are yellow,red and pink.Summer is red.Fall is yellow.Winter is white.Trees are light green,in Spring.But trees are dark yellow,in Fall.

  I love the colorful world.






  Everybody has his own family. What is family ? I dont think everyone really knows. There are six letters in the word “ FAMILY ”. I think “ F ” means “father”, “A” means “and”, “ M ” means “mother” , “ I ” means“ I”, “ L” means “ love” and “ Y ” means “you”. So “ FAMILY ” is the short form of “ Father and mother , I love you.” Dont you think so ? Father and mother love us , and we love father and mother . Thats a happy family.




  I am Cendy. I am in Nanhai Experimental Primary School. I am in Class 9, Grade 6. I am tall and thin. I live in Dali. I have many good friends. I often play with them. I have many hobbies, riding a bike, drawing pictures and reading books. But I like to read books the best. Because of reading books is good for my study. I also like riding bikes. Because it does a lot of good to my body.

  Whats your hobby? Can you tell me?





  Today I got up early in order to wait for the legend of the total solar eclipse was visible. Why is the legends? Because not seen.

  But from 7:30 a.m. start raining, I was depressed. Ok just online see the news experts say YinYuTian look more like shock, total solar eclipse was visible because originally clouds and thick, plus the dark sky will total solar eclipse was visible.


  The sun was gradually sinking, and the beautiful sunset glow caught the blue sky.

  Ah, it's a variety of colors! The sunset is sometimes red, as bright as ruby; sometimes green and green, clear and pure like the water of the Lijiang River; sometimes yellow, like beautiful plum blossoms in the branches; sometimes purple, like brilliant purple fireworks in the air.

  The shape of the sunset changed so much that a fox swagger in front of a fox, followed by a big tiger, as if he was telling us the story of a fox, a flock of sheep, and a fierce wolf, looking at the sheep, trying to eat the lamb. Mickey Mouse, it seems to beckoning to us, inviting you to your home.

  I can not help exclaiming: "sunset is beautiful!"