日记大全 时间:2020-05-30 我要投稿



  In my family, you can see a cat, the cat is very beautiful.now let me draw it for you. he has got white hair and two big eyes, they are blue and bright. he has got four short legs and his ears are small, his tail is long. i finish it now. how lovely!


  after school, i play with him first, he is my best friend. i like him very much!

  oh, do you want to know his name? i’d like to tell you, his name is “mimi”.





  Hello, my name is XiangChen, I’m 12 years old. I’m in YiChang foreign language experiment primary school. I’m in class 2.

  I have two big eyes and I have many beauty spot. my ear is small and my hands is small too.

  I like play computer and I also like read books. My hobby is keeping a diary. My favorite food is chicken. My favorite toy is teddy bear.

  On weekdays I get up at 7:05.I get to school at 7:15.I eats breakfast at 8:00. Our class is over at 5:00. I get home at 5:10. I do my homework first. I have supper at 6:00.Then I watch TV for half an hour. I usually watch Dafengche on TV. At 9:00 I go to bed. I like my life very much.

  This is me. Do you like me?






  One Sunday my mother (Mother) had (made) me take my little young brother to the a trip to the country. She bade me take good care of him.

  While we were walking along the road, the sun was shining brightly and the breeze was blowing gently. We saw the beautiful flowers smile (smiling) at us and heard the birds sing (singing) their sweet songs on the trees. The scenery was indeed very pretty (beautiful)。

  When we felt tired, we returned home. We saw Mother (our mother) wait (waiting) for us at the door.





  Today is Saturday, my family and I go to have a picnic in the park, I feel so excited, because our family does not have the activity for a long time. At first, I go to see the park and play for a while, then I come back to my parents, and join them. I play games with my parents, they laugh happily. Today is a happy day for me.




  I have rested for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my friends. They are my best friends in the middle school. We didn’t go to someplace special. We just saw the other. We had lunch together. While we were having lunch, we were still talking about the new school and new friends. Yes! A year later, we have grown riper. And we learned much more things and got new life. We haven’t enough time to play, to waste and to lose the way. We only have two years. Two years to go, we will get the real life which belongs to us.




  Saturday, my grandma made dumplings, one of the dumplings like obedient little ducks swimming in the bowl。 My in the mind have a little not to eat them。 But the smell of fragrance and let me greedy slobber, I eat up tit-bit。 But I eat dumplings, the heart have a kind of feeling can not tell。



  It was sunny and very hot today。 I got up early and helped my parents cook breakfast。 Then I washed the dishes and cleaned the room。 After a short rest I did my homework in the morning。 In the afternoon I went swimming in the nearest swimming pool with my friends。 It was really cool to swim in such a hot day。 I surfed the internet and read a storybook in the evening。 I really had a busy and interesting day。

  译文:这天的天气晴朗,天气也比较热。 我起得很早,帮父母做早饭。然后我洗碗打扫屋子。休息一会后我上午做作业。 下午我和朋友去我家最近的游泳池游泳。 在如此炎热的夏天游泳的确很棒。 晚上我上网、看故事书。我这天很忙过得很搞笑。


  Today, I did housework for grandmother。 She is not very healthy and I decide to do housework for her more frequently。 And she will feel happy and bee better。 Suddenly, an idea hit me that it’s terrible to grow old becuase you have to worry about both your health and others’ opinions。 Once again, I make a decision to be a good girl。




  Today, I still went to my mother’s office. My mother was very busy, so was my father. They always live in Beijing. They must get up early. Because they will manage the factory. So I know they are very laborious. So I should save my money. Also I should help them. Although I can’t do something useful, but I think I should share the work with them. I am one of my family member. In the future, I will take a job and work. It’ time for me to begin to learn how to work.





  Today, my sister and me to a dirty dog take a shower, sister to bring water, then used washbasin and soap, we first make the dog water wet, and then rubbed with soap and rub a rub, finally washed with clean water! The dog is white and beautiful!