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  It’s very kind of you to see me off.

  A. No problem B. I hope to see you soon

  C. It’s my pleasure D. I don’t want you to leave

  Do you mind if I turn on the TV

  .Let’s watch the sports news now.

  A. No way B. Go ahead

  C. You’d better not D. I think so

  Would you please help me to take the clothes downstairs,Tom

  A. Never mind B. That’s right

  C. No problem D. Let’s go

  I will go to the amusement park next weekend.

  A. Excuse me B. Have a good time

  C. I’m afraid I can’t D. It’s up to you

  I am sorry I can’t help you.

  A. My pleasure B. All right

  C. Thank you all the same D. I am sorry to hear that


  Organized by International Environment Fund

  Environment Awareness Week

  Regal Convention Centre,Halls 1~4

  24~30 March 20xx 10:00 am~9:00 p.m.

  Free admission for all!

  Save the environment,Save our future

  Our environment needs help.With the participation of more than 50 organizations,Environment Awareness Week is the biggest public education event dedicated to environmental protection and conservation.Don’t miss it! Come and know more about:

  The Threats to Earth(Hall 1)

  What is global warmingHow serious is pollution Learn about different environmental problems from our university students.Protect our environment!

  The Search for Renewable Energy(Hall 2)

  Can we get electricity from wind,solar energy,waves,rivers and underground heat Get the answers from Solar Ace,Teflon,Touch Wind Resources and other participants.

  The Quest for Freshwater(Hall 3)

  Is the shortage of freshwater worsening What are Singapore’s solutions for treating wastewater Hear from Flow Technologies,Hydro Max Solutians and other participants.

  The 3 Rs to Save Earth(Hall 4)

  How can we REDUCE,REUSE and RECYCLE to cut down household wastes Find out from the Global Gaia Network,Green Earth Foundation and other participants.For more information,please call Mr.Philip Koh at 6553-1188,send an email to Mrs.Daisy Soh at or visit the event’s website at http://

  1.The organizer of the event is .

  A. Global Gaia Network

  B. Clean Energy Agency

  C. Green Earth Foundation

  D. International Environment Fund

  2.What’s the purpose of “Environment Awareness Week”

  A. To educate people about environment protection.

  B. To advertise for environmental friendly products.

  C. To make money by attracting visitors.

  D. To support environment protection.

  3.The “3 Rs”stand for .

  A. Read,Realize and Remember

  B. Reduce,Reuse and Recycle

  C. Green Earth Foundation

  D. Global Gaia Network

  When Frida Kahlo’s paintings were on show in London,a poet described her paintings as “a ribbon (丝带)around a bomb”.Such comments seem to suggest Kahlo had a big influence on the art world of her time.Sadly,she is actually a much bigger name today than she was during her time.

  Born in 1907 in a village near Mexico City,Kahlo suffered from polio(小儿麻痹症)at the age of seven.Her spine(脊柱)become bent as she grew older.Then,in 1925,her back was broken in several places in a school-bus accident.Throughout the rest of her life,the artist had many operations,but nothing was able to cure the terrible pain in her back.However,the accident had an unexpected side effect.While lying in her bed recovering,Kahlo taught herself to paint.

  In 1929,she got married to Diego Rivera,another famous Mexican artist.Rivera’s strong influences on Kahlo’s style can be seen in her early works,but her later works from the 1940s,known today as her best works,show less influence from her husband.

  Unfortunately,her works did not attract much attention in the 1930s and 1940s,even in her home country.Her first one-woman show in Mexico was not held until 1953.For more than a decade after her death in 1954,Kahlo’s works remained largely unnoticed by the world,but in the 1970s her works began to gain international fame at last.

  1.What does the phrase “a much bigger name” in Paragraph 1 most probably mean

  A. A far better artist.

  B. A far more gifted artist.

  C. A much stronger person.

  D. A much more famous person.

  2.The terrible pain Kahlo suffered was caused by .

  A. polio

  B. her bent spine

  C. back injuries

  D. the operations she had

  3.Kahlo’s style had become increasingly independent since the .

  A. 1930s B. 1940s

  C. 1950s D. 1970s

  4.What is the author’s attitude toward Kahlo

  A. Devotion. B. Sympathy.

  C. Worry. D. Encouragement.

  Jane Clarke,

  My daughter is coming up to her finals.She eats reasonably well but less so in term time,as getting out to buy fresh fruit and vegetables is time-consuming.She has recently often had flu.Can you offer guidance on what to eat and drink when under pressure

  Mary King,

  She should mainly take in the B vitamins,the group largely responsible for the smooth running of the nervous system,and vitamin C,which experts believe we need in much greater quantities when we are stressed than the usual.

  B vitamins are found in many foods but especially pork,bacon,nuts,dairy products,lean meat,fish,eggs and whole grains-so even if your daughter can’t shop regularly,other foods can work in her favor.Tinned oily fish are good,which can help to block production of the enzyme(酶)that makes us feel tense when under pressure.

  Fresh produce usually has the highest and best all-round levels of nutrients such as vitamin C,but if your daughter has a freezer she could buy frozen vegetables,which contain good levels.Fresh juice is another good source of vitamin C.

  She should avoid caffeine,as it increases the adrenaline(肾上腺素)generated at times of stress; water would be better.Frequent small meals can help concentration.

  High-sugar foods such as biscuits and sweets could make people feel excited,and patients often feel the same; better avoid eating them.Pasta,rice or a jacket potato,will help to calm us down.And drinking plenty of water can also help concentration.

  1.If lacking vitamin C,one had better eat .

  A. dairy products and oily fish

  B. fresh vegetables and fruits

  C. caffeine and biscuits

  D. lean meat and fresh vegetable

  2.We can learn that the daughter of Mary King .

  A. doesn’t have enough time to go shopping

  B. is fond of buying frozen vegetables

  C. is getting on well with her classmates

  D. is too stressed to prepare for the finals

  3.According to the passage,why should high-sugar foods be avoided

  A. Because it increases the adrenaline.

  B. Because it can make students more stressed.

  C. Because it can excite people.

  D. Because it can make people fat.

  4.We can infer from the passage that .

  A. the more water one drinks,the better

  B. Jane Clarke knows Mary King very well

  C. eating is closely related to people’s mental health

  D. the daughter of Mary King takes in too much caffeine

  Everyone talks about the “five” senses of man.And it is true that we get our information about the outside from our sense of sight,hearing,smell,touch and taste.Researchers tell us that the sense of sightour visual sensegives us up to 80% of what we know about the world outside our bodies; while the other senses,the auditory (hearing),the olfactory (smell),the tactile (touch),and the gustatory (taste) bring into our brains information about the other 20% of what is happening.But there are two other senses that we cannot get along without,though they are little noticed.These are the senses of balance (平衡),without which we would act like a drunk after a heavy drink,and the kinesthetic sense(动觉),which gives us our ideas about our own motion (运动).

  1.Which is the best title for this passage

  A. The Five Senses of Man

  B. The Senses of Man

  C. Senses and Information

  D. Important Senses

  2.The sense of sight supplies us with .

  A. about half of our information about the world

  B. about 20% of our information about the world

  C. 80% of our information about the world

  D. all the needed our information about the world

  3.The senses of hearing,smell,touch and taste supply us with .

  A. about half of our information about the world

  B. about 20% of our information about the world

  C. about 80% of our information about the world

  D. all the needed our information about the world

  4.According to the passage,one misses most about the world when one .

  A. is blind

  B. is deaf

  C. has no sense of taste and touch

  D. has no sense of balance and motion


  How far would you walk to learn about something that interested you When he was young,Jacob Lawrence often walked more than sixty___from his home in the Harlem section of New York City to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Jacob wanted to be a(n)___,and he believed that studying the famous paintings___in that museum would help him.

  It was 1930,when many people were out of work,money was tight and people suffered a lot.Still the streets were ___with energy and color.As he walked through Harlem,Jacob looked hard at the people,the churches,and barber shops and so on.He___those images in his mind,along with the images of paintings he saw in the museum.

  Jacob came from a poor family.His mother believed there was little chance___her son could grow up to be a successful painter.She wanted him to aim for something more flexible.But Jacob’s teacher,Alston,in an art program saw that he was talented.Alston___him how to use paints to make stage sets.

  As time passed,Alston let Jacob rent work space in his own studio.That was an exciting place for a young black man ___to become an artist.Many creative people gathered there to talk about art,literature and history.From their___,Jacob learned that history books often ignored the accomplishments of African Americans.He decided to paint a series of pictures describing the story of a black hero.He ____Toussaint,who had helped free his people____French ruling.

  Many people admired Jacob’s pictures,but he needed____admiration.To help his family,he often had to work at jobs that____him away from painting.Then something encouraging happened.An artist named Augusta got Jacob a job.For eighteen months,Jacob was given a____to paint pictures.For the first time,he felt like a____artist.

  1.A. steps B. blocks C. buildings D. avenues

  2.A. artist B. tutor C. scholar D. official

  3.A. swinging B. existing C. hanging D. twisting

  4.A. lined B. decorated C. associated D. filled

  5.A. stored B. received C. created D. remembered

  6.A. whether B. which C. that D. when

  7.A. recommended B. reminded C. provided D. showed

  8.A. hesitating B. struggling C. marching D. participating

  9.A. experiences B. performances C. accents D. conversations

  10.A. chose B. accepted C. counted D. employed

  11.A. against B. from C. for D. with

  12.A. more than B. rather than C. other than D. less than

  13.A. broke B. gave C. permitted D. took

  14.A. award B. title C. salary D. prize

  15.A. permanent B. popular C. positive D. professional



  Eleven-year-old Angela was stricken with a disease involving her nervous system.The doctors did not hold out much hope of her ever recovering 1. this illness.They predicted she’d spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.2. Angela firmly believed that she was definitely going to be walking again someday.The doctors were charmed by her 3. (defeat)spirit.They taught her about imagingabout seeing herself 4. (walk).Angela would work as hard as possible in physical therapy(理疗),lying there faithfully doing her imaging,visualizing herself moving,moving,moving!

  One day,5. she was straining with all her might to imagine her legs moving again,6. seemed as though a miracle happened: the bed moved! She screamed out,“Look what I 7..(do)! Look! Look! I can do it! I moved,I moved!” Of course,8. this very moment everyone 9. in the hospital was screaming,too.It was the San Francisco earthquake.But don’t tell 10. to Angela.She was convinced that she did it.And now only a few years later,she’s back in school.On her own two legs.No walking sticks,no wheelchair.


  假如你非常喜欢中央电视台的“动物世界(Animal World)”这个节目,请根据以下内容提示,以“My Favourite TV Program”为题,给CCTV-9英语频道的编辑写一篇英语短文。



  My Favourite TV Program

  “Animal World”is a popular TV program by CCTV.It is also my favorite program.