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  internet and telecommunications



  book i a introduction

  module 6 the internet and telecommunications


  module 6

  the internet and telecommunications

  teaching objectives:

  1. to arouse the students’ interest in learning about the computer and the internet.

  2. to help the students grasp the words and phrases about the two topics.

  3. to improve the students’ speaking ability by talking, discussing and listening.

  4. to educate them to look at the internet and modern equipment of telecommunications dialectically.

  teaching importance:

  1. to train and enhance the students’ ability of speaking.

  2. to master the vocabulary about the computer and the internet.

  teaching difficulties:

  1. how to enhance their speaking in a large-scale class.

  2. some new and useful vocabularies about the topic.

  teaching methods:

  group work / task-based approach / student-centred approach

  teaching aids:

  a computer, a projector, and a blackboard

  teaching procedures:

  step i greetings and introduction

  1)greet the whole class as usual.

  2)ask the students a question.

  how do you get the latest news?

  3)lead the students to the topic of this module.

  step ii introduction

  1)lead to the new words through the question (do you know the name of the parts of the computer?)

  2)show them some pictures while the teacher explains and the students speak out

  step iii vocabulary

  learn the news words about the internet and finish a little task that the teacher leaves in order to enlarge their vocabulary

  step iv production

  do some excercises to consolidate the memory of these words.

  step v discussion

  topic: what can we do with the computer and the internet?

  discuss in groups and express their ideas.

  step vi speaking

  1)can computers and the internet solve all the problems ?

  2) should the senior high students surf the net? why?

  step vii homework

  3)review what we have learnt today.

  4)preview the reading part.

  blackboard design

  module 6 the internet and telecommunications(introduction)

  1.crach:a computer breakdown the internet

  3.log:: start work on a computer to save information on your computer

  5.hardware and software



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