Understanding each other单元复习学案

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  1.Dust and dirt soon a____________ if a house is not cleaned regularly.

  2.It would be u____________ that such an honest fellow should have betrayed his friends.

  3.Despair is a s____________ of weakness.

  4.He told a rather rude joke,and everyone looked e____________.

  5.The teacher’s explanation c____________ the puzzling problem.

  6.We have several questions ____________(关于)the report.

  7.This button is for ____________(调整)the volume.

  8.The equipment must be bought from a supplier ____________(认可)by the company.

  9.His remarks show that he ____________(误解)my position on the question.

  10.Please ____________(包,裹)the box in red paper.

  11.A company cannot be sold without the____________(approve) of the shareholders.

  12.She fulfilled her____________(ambitious)to become the first woman to run the 10,000 metres within 30 minutes.

  1.accumulate 2.unbelievable 3.sign 4.embarrassed 5.clarified 6.concerning 7.adjusting 8.approved 9.misunderstood 10.wrap 11.approval 12.ambition


  1.________________ 庆祝

  2.________________ 参加

  3.________________ 总的来说

  4.________________ 释放;散发,分发

  5.________________ 属于

  6.________________ 举起,抬起

  7.________________ 讲和;求和

  8.________________ 调整;适应

  9.________________ 占据(时间或空间)

  10.________________ 对……关心

  11.________________ 打猎;搜捕

  12.________________ 遇见,碰见

  1.in celebration of 2.take part in 3.in summary 4.give out 5.belong to 6.hold up 7.make peace 8.adjust...to... 9.take up 10.be concerned about 11.hunt for 12.meet with


  1.(回归课本P38)________ ________that there are so many French words in English________ ________the French ruled England for quite a number of years.


  2.(回归课本P33)Do you know of any other________ ________ ________that people around the world use?


  3.(回归课本P41)________you get into university in the future,you would have to go and________the opportunity.


  4.(回归课本P47)________ ________ ________the Maori people came from the Pacific islands of Polynesia.


  5.(回归课本P34)He ________ quite ________ whenever it comes to this topic.The British teachers didn’t know what he was talking about or what Thanksgiving was held in celebration of.


  1.One reason;is that 2.ways of greeting 3.Should;take 4.It’s believed that 5.gets;excited