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  The story, with ____ unexpected ending, made me think, smile and cry.

  A. aB. anC. /

  We must protect animals. They are friends of ____.

  A. ourB. usC. ours

  Marc, wait at home ____ I come back.

  A. tillB. sinceC. though

  Jane’s ____ face suggested that she was ill.

  A. uglyB. paleC. cruel

  — Hi, Linda! ____ we go out for a walk

  — That’s a good idea.

  A. CanB. WillC. Shall

  — I’m sorry to ____ you, Kate. I can’t go to your birthday party this weekend.

  — Oh, what a pity!

  A. supposeB. disappointC. avoid

  — Why do you often look at these pictures, Sam

  — Because they always ____ a lot of good memories.

  A. bring backB. make upC. part with

  — Where’s my mom, Dad

  — Oh, she ____ for us. Don’t you smell anything delicious from the kitchen

  A. cooksB. cookedC. is cooking

  It’s said that the project ______ at the end of this month.

  A. has been completedB. is completedC. will be completed

  — I overslept this morning. By the time I got to school, the bell for the class had rung.

  — ____

  A. Bad luck.B. That’s all right.C. How come


  Liang Zifu and his wife moved into a cave (洞穴) years ago. They were poor and the cave was the only home they could _____. However, the achievement they are most ____ is giving their children a better education. ____of the couple’s children entered university.

  Liang said he at first wanted to live in the cave _____just three years. His plan was to build a bigger house. With the births of four children, his financial (经济上的) ____became increasingly serious, making his dream ___to realize.

  Liang and his wife spent all their money on their children’s______ . A son and a daughter of them have graduated from universities.

  Having gotten used to the lifestyle, the couple now____to move out of their home. _____their children often try to persuade (劝说) them, they don’t want to move. “If we______ , who will take care of the chickens, dogs and plants ” Li said.

  1.A. createB. affordC. visit

  2.A. interested inB. afraid ofC. proud of

  3.A. OneB. TwoC. Three

  4.A. onB. inC. for

  5.A. problemB. powerC. help

  6.A. funnyB. easyC. impossible

  7.A. educationB. hobbiesC. clothes

  8.A. agreeB. refuseC. regret

  9.A. ThoughB. UntilC. If

  10.A. stayB. studyC. leave


  A) 判断正误 阅读下面的材料,判断下列句子是否符合短文内容。符合的写T,不符合的.写F。(T = True, F = False)

  Fifteen years ago, I took a summer vacation in Italy. After climbing up a hill, I stopped to catch my breath, enjoy the beautiful view (风景), and then take the best photo.

  Unluckily, just as I took out my camera, a woman came from behind, and planted herself right in front of me. Like me, this woman was here to stop and enjoy the view.

  Patient as I was, after about 15 minutes, I grew upset. I could have asked her to move, but something stopped me from doing so. She seemed to enjoy herself.

  Another 15 minutes passed and I grew bored. The woman was still there. I decided to take the photo anyway. And now when I look at it, I think she made the photo interesting. The view, beautiful on its own, comes to life because this woman is in it.

  1.The writer went to Italy five years ago.

  2.The writer met the woman at the top of a hill.

  3.The writer asked the woman to move, but she refused.

  4.The woman enjoyed herself very much there.

  5.The woman makes the photo so alive.


  1.How many exams will students of Class 5A take in all

  A. Four.B. Five.C. Six.

  2.At 8:30 am, January 15, students will take the ____ exam.

  A. ChineseB. EnglishC. music

  1.Where is Chester Zoo

  A. In America.B. In England.C. In China.

  2.Visitors can see animals in the zoo by ____.

  A. trainB. bikeC. boat

  3.Superbreak tickets will allow you to ____.

  A. take pictures of animals

  B. enjoy a picnic lunch

  C. take a fast track entry


  Ortansa Pascariu is a 66-year-old woman from Romania. She made a very unusual vest (背心) with her own hair! She said that collecting fallen hair is a tradition in her hometown. It’s said that women should never throw away their hair if they want to keep their beauty and good luck.

  She said, “I started collecting my hair when I was 40 and by the age of 60 I got one kilo. That was enough for a vest.”

  Ortansa explained that she only saved the hair that had fallen out as she combed (梳) it. And she completed the vest in only one week. She didn’t wear it. After keeping it for about five years she gave it away to the local museum.

  Ortansa’s husband Vasile said, “I’m very proud of what she has done. I’ve touched it and it’s like some kind of soft wool.”

  1.Where is Ortansa Pascariu from


  2.Why should women never throw away their hair in Ortansa Pascariu’s hometown


  3.How long did it take Ortansa Pascariu to collect the hair for the vest


  4.What did Ortansa Pascariu do with the vest after keeping it for about five years


  5.How did Ortansa Pascariu’s husband feel about her special vest



  The winter vacation is coming. 1.to protect the environment while you are going on vacation

  There2.some ways in which you can help protect the environment.

  You should be careful when you pack for a vacation. 3.you’re traveling by air, the best way to pack is to only bring what you need. Try to use things that can be 4.on your vacation. In this way, you can protect the environment and save money5.the same time. You can rent (租) an electric (电动的) car if you’re going to use a car during your vacation. This won’t be harmful6.the environment.

  When you’re choosing a hotel to stay, you can7. for a green hotel. Many green hotels offer recycled paper and they8.much attention to saving energy. Besides, when you leave your hotel rooms, you should 9.off all the lights.

  No matter10.you go, one of the most important things to remember is to save water.


  Many of us are busy and there is little time left to do something that we enjoy. Here are some ways to slow down and enjoy life.

  1.It is great. You’re getting exercise, you have time to think or enjoy music, and you’re helping to save the environment while walking.

  Arrive early. 2. Then use this time for yourself: reading, writing, relaxation, thinking, whatever.

  Buy tickets in advance (提前). It includes sports, theaters, concerts, or any other events you would enjoy.3.

  Evenings with yourself. 4. If others ask you to do things those nights, just tell them you have plans. Use the time for gardening, reading, exercise, or doing nothing!

  5.What are you interested in Look up a club in your area today and join! If you can’t find a club, consider starting one yourself!

  A. Join a group.

  B. Walk to work.

  C. Having the tickets already in your hand will push you to make it happen!

  D. Try to save certain weeknights just for yourself.

  E. If you want more time for yourself, you can get it.

  F. Any appointment (约会) that you have, plan to arrive 15~30 minutes early.

  G. Take an education class.


  A)翻译语篇 阅读下面的短文,将文中画线部分按要求译成汉语或英语。

  (71)Mom and dad are the most important people in your life. They have been looking after you since you were born. (72)你应该一直爱他们。You should also get on well with them. But some children don’t know how to do this. Here are some ways to help you.

  Spend more time with your parents. (73)Don’t spend too much time playing computer games or watching TV. Ask your parents to play with you. (74)和他们交谈或者散步。

  Be kind to your parents. You can make them happy with a smile when you come home. You can send your mother a card on Mother’s Day or tell your father a joke on his birthday. (75)You can also clean your room by yourself.

  Work hard. If you do your best in your studies, your parents will be proud of you.







  假如《英语测试报》正举办题为“A time when I made someone happy”的征文大赛。请你根据以下提示问题写一篇短文,参与此次征文大赛。


  1. Who was the person you made happy

  2. When was it

  3. What did you say or do

  4. Why did it make him/her happy

  5. How did you feel at that moment


  1. 征文内容包含全部要点提示,可适当发挥;

  2. 词数80左右,标题已给出,不计入总词数;

  3. 文中不得出现真实的人名或地名。

  A time when I made someone happy